25 Oktober, 2009

Testing posting everything...

do not open this posting if you notice in your inbox or if was appear on your bloglist or something like that. because i was trying and studying on something called new stuff but may be its not really new to whom which already familiar with blogspot or they are very expert. better not you give any comment on this posting and i afraid to say yes...

for me this is very new one that i didn't have to try once. but i just upgrade the formatting of my blog for the latest update but really i dont know is it me is success with that or otherwise. then i have to try with my on, all by mysel huhuhuhuhu..

yeahhh i know you all expertize this one but not me. and may be all of you don't and never care about that but me!... besides of that new  i think it would be fun and excitting so retard may be, but if i  try none can i will notice the difference.

this really wee little matter on any reason to study however to learn then it's seems like i'm loosing the information about the things that happened in the blog's world. i admitted that i really and honestly say that i'm not sharp as tacks as you all were brilliant thought...

3 ulasan:

  1. testing...testing...aloooo...1,2,3...

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